Our aim is to provide a complete business level solution from data to analytics


Search and Find information from your dataset.
The seach engine works on Natural Language Processing. You don't have to write Database style queries to get results.


Generate and save charts. Drilldown and compare the data.
Best possible visualization schemes are deduced directly from the data. You don't have to define anything. The charts and graphs are interactive for data drill-down and comparisons.


Pin the charts to create dashboard. Share it across.
Design standard dashboars for your Organization. Make faster decisions based on shared undestanding.


Analyze and get insights into the data.
Know the real status using various analytics functions. Right from basic Statistical Analysis to advanced features like Outlier detection and Prediction.


A complete enterprise level tool to make sense out of your data with added bonus of Natural Language Processing

See it in action


Drop us note and we'll setup a live demo for you.
You can also request for a demo login where you can upload your own data and see it for yourself.